Cheers to being different, right? Absofuckinglutely! As we all know, women have ran the world since the beginning of time. We posses a trifecta of characteristics--grace, style & beauty--that make men fall to our feet. It’s our POWER. Sadly, we are misunderstanding this power and exposing all our vulnerabilities. Sure, sex appeal is a secret weapon we definitely can use over men but it exposes us and make us vulnerable. It shields the very thing that makes us so Bossy. That’s right, your beauty has nothing to  do with your sexiness.

And yes, we do get it. Sexy is easy to pull off when you got it like that. We live in a fast, cheap, sexually responsive world, not to mention, highly competitive. So, it is very easy to do what everyone else is doing and get noticed. We are here to tell you that:


Really, let’s take a stand and some responsibility for womanhood. If you don’t, who will? We got a lot of shit going on as women and we’ll be more than happy to show you all about it.

This is the inspiration behind today’s shoot. Our dope ass cousin (in our head), Pharrell released these t-shirts related to his I Am Other project. It pretty much summed up how we felt about this crazy world of fashion and mommyhood. Since, we are in easy California, we kept it easy. We tossed our heels in the water, put on flats, skipped the glammed out makeup and hair and gave you something simple and different. Enjoy!