Trill Transition

Hey mama's!! As some of you may know,I recently delivered new life into the world for a 3rd time!!! Aziz Zareef made his entrance August 7th, and boy has he changed my world forever :) #blessed. Naturally my life is in MAJOR transition mode. MAJOR!! The "trillest" transition I've ever experienced! Let me elaborate, going into my third pregnancy I genuinely felt as if going from 2 to 3 children wouldn't be much different. I mean of course our family dynamic would change a bit right?! but I failed to think about the amount of physical energy a newborn baby was going to require from me. I  know you're probably thinking why? I've done this twice before so I should already know the drill. In all actuality I have not done THIS...being a mother of 2 is one thing but 3 is definitely a game changer.

Saniyah is 7 and Khayri is 4 going on full grown man!! They are one hell of a duo.....they make me laugh and bring so much joy to my daily life, yet in the same breath they drive my nerves through the roof!! I sometimes believe that they have private bedtime meetings about how they plan to drive mama nuts the next day. One moment they're playing like good siblings, the next they're at each others throats. I find myself mediating the two of them on a regular basis. At the same time I have a baby who needs me most. I'm basically juggling the emotions of everyone in my household all while trying to maintain my own.Whew!! Pray for me.

As hectic as life has become now as a family of 5, we're also experiencing an abundance of extra love flowing through our home. It's like baby Aziz has us all wrapped around his cute little chubby fingers. We're completely obsessed!! 


Not only am I transitioning within my home life, I'm transitioning in business life as well. For the past 6 years I've owned and operated a hair salon called "The Beauty Box" in my hometown Oakland, Ca. It's been a super cool journey fulfilling that passion while building my family at the same time, but with the arrival of baby Aziz I quickly learned that change was necessary. I closed my salon about a month ago , it was truly a bitter sweet moment for me. Bitter because I closed a business that has been my baby for 6 years and it was hard to digest that I'd no longer have a place to go to and work, sweet because I no longer feel like I'm spreading myself so thin. I'm able to live fully in the moments of my children being young and focus on what that requires of me. What I am extremely excited about is that I can now devote all of my business energy into building this BOSSMOM NATION. Cheers to that!

 I'm blessed to have a husband who supports me and the decisions I've made for our family. Being a mama with dreams, raising children along with pleasing a hard working man is no simple task. I often pat myself on the back and remember the work I do for my family. What I'm learning most through this transition is, as I develop into an all around better woman I must remain TRUE to myself and always be REAL about needing to make changes. TRUE + REAL = TRILL and thanks to motherhood I'm about as "trill" as they come.