Family & Faith: Brand Ambassador Tiani Wright


Two weeks ago, while eagerly trying to pry myself out of bed and prepare for the day ahead, Ayana, our youngest daughter, blessed us in a pretty cool way. You see, Ayana’s the type that’s early to bed and early to rise. She’s also at that age where her curiosity is quite apparent and her brain is reminiscent of a little sponge. As parents, we are always worried about the negative influences on our children, but what about the positive?

It was this day, a Saturday morning, that we got to witness our 7 year old daughter conduct church; in her own unique way of course. But Ayana had entered into our bedroom, teddy bear in tow, and was speaking to him, or her, about God. In a bit of a delayed reaction due to complete and utter awe, I pulled out my phone, just in time to catch the tail-end of it all. But y’all, she did that! In the span of about 7-10 minutes, Ayana had managed to cover the importance of God and why we should love Him. She even managed to throw in a little, “oh yeah, love your parents and sisters, and brother”. That was pretty nice of her, don’t you think?!

Quite honestly, we’re a family that attends church regularly and God is always mentioned and praised in our home, however, I guess I just didn’t expect for our children to take notice. I mean, I shouldn’t be surprised either, because after all, they did manage to learn to DAB in just two or three days. But it kinda just stood as a pleasant surprise that Christ and our love for Him as a family has managed to stick at the forefront of their minds, amidst the DAB, Disney XD, and what he or she said or did at school that day. And on that Saturday, in the span of 7-10 minutes, we as parents, felt extremely blessed.

Blessed to know that a solid foundation had been established, and that through Christ we, as parents, played a sweet little part in that. Essentially, all that it took was for that seed to be planted and Christ was there waiting to protect it, to nourish it, and to encourage it to grow.

It is my belief that that seed had been planted as a direct result of our, the hubs and I, relationship with Christ. So much of how our children are shaped depends on the relationships that we as parents have and seek to build. The relationships that are not only seen, but that are also experienced. In our home, for example, our relationship with Christ, as parents, is essential to the building of a healthy relationship between Christ and our children. And while as they grow (Heaven forbid) they may stray or go wayward, being rooted in Christ essentially means that redemption and growth is never far from reach. Regardless of what your beliefs are, I’m almost certain that each of us want what is absolutely best for our children. Seeking to build and maintain healthy relationships both inside and outside of the home, whether we realize it or not, is a part of effective parenting. In our home, God is made priority, then our spouse, then the children and so forth. And the way it works is, there’s no way that I can expect for the communication to be top notch with my husband and with our children, if the communication between my Father and I isn’t up to par. 

Families, Bibles must be read. A love for Christ and all of His things must be taught. And if you are of a different religion, then trust, this still pertains to you. Whatever keeps you rooted, in love, teach it! Ensure that your children are surrounded by it. Also be sure to protect them from the opposed. Seek to build quality relationships and speak of them in a positive light. And while they are still looking to us for guidance and to be the example, let us as parents teach them well. Read with them daily, attend church regularly, and encourage them always. For it is through you, through Christ, that positive change can and will occur. You’ll notice that a shift will begin to take place in the quality of service offered up to God. And thus the seed will be planted, watered, and will grow. Your worth, your family, and your relationships can only benefit from this.