Girl About Town: Erica's Table of 20

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the intimate 2-hour luncheon known as, Erica’s Table of 20, presented by Erica DiasThe family-oriented California native (great things come from Cali) and co-founder of the public relations and marketing firm, The B Firm PR, gathers an exclusive group of 20 to "Network, Connect and Transform". Erica's Table of 20 could be overlooked as a simple networking function but is really anything but that. The event promises to be "A Chic, Exclusive Dining Experience" and this description is no exaggeration of what the luncheon has to offer!
Erica's Table for 20 is not limited to women empowerment. It is a fellowship for both men and women that allows its participants to be transparent and take-in the success struggles, stories and resources of business professionals, people of power and entrepreneurs. The event takes people out of their comfort zone and gives them a chance to interact with one another, laugh, cry and take with them the little jewels and knowledge that pushes them to carry out their calling and pursue their endeavors. 

Erica lives by a simple token of "faith it until you make it". The humble notion serves as the basis for the event. It's possible to lose sight when pursuing ones goals. Having the opportunity to channel that disconnect is the "faith" that many need just to move forward. The inspiration behind the luncheons is Erica's wish to share the real life substance of success with others in an intimate and accessible way. There's power in numbers, even small ones! This guest list of only 20 makes the event's objective, real and obtainable. Storytelling, when true and genuine, is a catalyst for growth. This is ultimately what Erica is providing.
"I hope that they get something. whatever that something is...that's the objective"
- Erica Dias -

the perks

Transportation accommodations for attendees were all compensated by the sponsor Lyft, which I gladly accepted! Just download the app, enter the event's exclusive code and you're covered! Each participant received a gift bag filled with goodies from some of the event sponsors.

the venue

A private room in Neiman Marcus behind a set of double doors. I really like double doors. I opened the doors to enter a room filled with the right amount of sunlight and two long tables both decorated in a modern elegant style. The decor was a collaborative effort between Gail Johnson Weddings & Events and E. Vincent Floral Design, which bought the vanilla room to life in a right on-time spring fresh feeling. 


Attire was fashionably chic and that was right up my alley. I love any reason to see everyone (or just myself) get semi-glammed in the middle of the day! The first person I saw as I walked in the room was Erica, who looked amazing in a soft blush color midi skirt and matching horizontal striped top.

the guest

At the front of the room sat two glamorous high-back chairs, that was placed for the guest speakers of the luncheon, a phenomenal two-person line-up:
The First Lady of Atlanta, Sarah Elizabeth Reed. Wife of Atlanta’s Mayor, Kasim Reed
Mimi G. Modern Renaissance Woman & Life Changer of the popular blog Mimi G Style

The guest speakers of the event are always different every gathering and each speaker comes with a significant experience and story to share. 

the experience

As everyone falls into the room, takes a seat and cordially mingles with other guest, I got the chance to look through my goodie bag and place my order from the menu! Shortly after, Erica moves to the front of the room and introduces herself and give a little information about the event:
“an intimate dining experience that provides a platform for Women and Men to share their stories, motivate and inspire one another”
By then, our amazing food had come out. We then had the chance to freely go around the room, or just sit at our table to chit and chat with everyone. Yes, I’ll stick with my word choice of chit-chatting because it really didn’t feel like an average networking event. I felt like I was catching up with some dear friends over a great meal, who by the way all had a great source of information! I sat at the table casually speaking with the First Lady of Atlanta like we have known each other for years!
There was time for pictures. You could have taken personal ones if necessary, but she had an awesome photography team (Prince Williams from ATL Pics) along with some very cute props for you to do some of your own social posting!

After some time, each speaker came to the front of the room for their moment. Up first was the First Lady, Sarah Elizabeth Reed, who is an amazing woman with a legal and real estate background. She had an abundance of resources for us as entrepreneurs and gladly opened up herself personally (including personal e-mail!) to aide us in our individual journey.

Mimi G of shared a compelling rags-to-riches story that, if nothing else, compelled you to push through whatever you may be going through. 

After that, the floor was opened to a Q+A with the guest speakers and a closing mingle session and a group picture!

This is a DON'T MISS event so please go get to know more about Erica and follow her:

Social: @tableof20 & @fashion101ed

Web: The B Firm PR