What Makes A Good Mother?

"There's no way to be a perfect mother.....but there's a million ways to be a good one."

I'm no perfect mother nor do I believe any woman is capable of being one. We all have different struggles and stories to tell about motherhood, but one common ground I'm sure all of us mama's can agree on is that our top priority is for our children to be happy little beings.

A few weeks ago while visiting a friend of mine I struck up a conversation with a guy friend of hers, we began to talk about education in the public school system. His son is much older so he shared some really good advice about great local programs to get involved in. While talking he asked to see a picture of my little ones.....after looking at the picture for a few seconds his immediate response was "I can tell they are really happy children" at that moment I felt like a GOOD mother. It may seem like an ordinary compliment to some but to me it's the ULTIMATE compliment.

A child's sentiment and true spirit can really shine through a photo, so for him to read happiness in my children's faces makes me feel like I'm doing something right. My children are VERY happy, social children. They love meeting and talking to new people, and a big part of that is because they receive loads of love from home and tons of family....praise GOD for family!


As I've grown with my children it's become crystal clear how much they've shown me what happiness truly is. The most simple acts of love make them happy....like reading them a story before bed or making our own homemade popsicle's with the excitement of waiting for them to freeze and be ready to eat. 

I pride myself in the activities I do with my children, even when I'm tired and really just want a moment to myself. Nothing beats the joy of making them happy.



Happy parents produce happy children. This journey through motherhood takes a strong team for me to maintain my sanity. My strongest teammate is my husband, he makes living and loving a lot easier :)