I'm A Good Mother...Really!

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If you have any type of decent best friend, you are always getting tagged in an Instagram and Facebook post or getting sent emails and YouTube clips about things that can either change your life or that's just plain funny! Shah (@bossmom_shah) is that girl for me.

Some of my favorites are absolute mama humor drizzled in #truth! As seamless as I can make motherhood look, I sometimes go to bed at night and say, "this shit is hard"! I mean, I don't have tears gushing down my face (and if I did, I'll never admit it) but I do give an awkward smile to the random people that proclaim about how "great" of a mother I am.

I get it, I do a LOT of things for my kids but I also recognize all the shit, I just don't do and I never will. At least for now, I just don't plan to. Between you and I, I do NOT feel bad about it. Not one tiny bit. I love my children safe, educated, clean (enough), healthy and happy! That's my standard checklist and it gets checked daily.

Shah, recently sent me a video by the BOSSMOMS over at Social Common who shared my feelings towards motherhood in one of their #MomTruths YouTube episodes. Looks like my circle of friends just got a little bigger...

Couldn't you agree any more! There are different types of mamas and I love them all,  especially the ones who pick up my slack. I love you and thank you for that!

What type of mama are you? Are you judgmental over other mamas or even yourself?