The BOSSMOM : Q & A with working mother Claudia Sosa

Tell us where you're from and what you do? 

I was born in New York, raised in North Bergen, NJ. I currently reside in Edgewater, NJ. I'm a QA Engineer at Refinery29 & I run my fashion blog

When did you realize you wanted to have a career in the world of tech?  

It was right around the first year of college. At that time, I spent hours on a computer and it was then that I also understood that computers were the future. I wanted to become a part of it immediately and with guidance from a family member that was already in the field, I was able to. I've learned so much during the past 8 years in my career from many different industries and there is slot of work and hands involved and it makes me feel proud to be part of what occurs behind the scenes.

What does being a BOSSMOM mean to you? 

It means being a mom without letting it stop you from chasing your dreams. It means to exude confidence in being who you are and simply owning your individuality.  It means handling everyday situations like a BOSS, then coming home to express unconditional love & support to my family...  All in hopes of inspiring & empowering my son and everyone around me.



What are your top 3 tips for how you balance being a working mother?

1. Don't loose sleep or stress over the little things at home, especially after a long day at the office... some things can wait for tomorrow

2. Set reminders for everything!

3.  When you forget something or you feel like you messed up, try not to be so hard on yourself. It happens, we are human and it's what makes us beautiful.

How has motherhood influenced your overall style?

I feel like motherhood hasn't changed my style at all but it has changed my attitude. I personally feel, now that I'm a mom there's is nothing else I can't do.. . as long as I put my mind to it, it will happen. I have always been an ambitious individual and the barriers have always been there but now I feel like I stand even stronger than ever and will knock em down faster because I have a family to protect and look after.


Do you have a "mom uniform" or a few go to pieces you love to wear when you're spending the day out and about with your little one?

I love a nice pair of oversized sunnies and a lipstick that pops, comfortable chunky heel sandals / ankle boots.  



Coffee or Tea? Coffee. 

Heels or Fresh Sneakers? Heels... they gotta be chunky heels.

Summer or Fall? with out a doubt, summer.

My favorite song in rotation right now is...Doris & Kelley - You don't have to worry 1968

 A perfect Sunday...Waking up with no plans .. Playing it by ear, either cooking brunch at home with my son and boyfriend while listening to our favorite tunes or heading over to my favorite brunch place- Elysian Cafe in Hoboken followed with a visit to a playground. 

I feel the most inspired when...'m listening to music while walking around new york city. I feel like most of my ideas come from those long walks. Also people watching, the best.