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Introducing Kiah McBride, I came across her  Instagram sometime ago and  I  was instantly captivated by her style of writing as well as her inspiring words.  She has an amazing way of expressing her views about life, self- growth and inspiration, I have a huge respect and admiration for people who are able to get their thoughts out about important topics in a way that can inspire others.  

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Where are you from:   North Carolina by way of Daytona Beach, Florida

Where do you currently reside:   Atlanta, GA

When did it spark (when did you recognize your talent and realized it was something to pursue):   I honestly didn’t think of my writing as a talent until I got older. I’ve always been a writer, since the time I was six-years-old stretched out on my mom’s living room floor creating outlines and character descriptions for my stories. I’ve always pursued writing in some aspect. I was on the yearbook committee in middle and high school, and a part of the local newspaper until I graduated.

I majored in marketing in college because I thought maybe being a writer wasn’t enough and I didn’t want to struggle to make a living, but even then I still gravitated back to the written word. I found myself working as an editor for blogs and on-campus magazines. It made me realize that you cannot suppress true talent and passion. No matter how hard you try, you’ll always find yourself back aligned with your purpose. It’s just a matter of whether or not you choose to embrace it or run from it.

The history (every journey has a story, what’s yours):  I think writing began as a way for me to escape my solitude. I was an only child so to entertain myself I would always bring things to life around me. It started with crayons (I was a weird kid lol) and evolved into story characters. I would pull from my own life most of the time, or from things that were going on in my friend’s lives. I’ve always had this thing about telling other people’s stories. I think part of it is because I realized that not everyone felt as if they could speak out about their issues and struggles. The other part was understanding that no matter how different our backgrounds were, we are all connected to some extent through our experiences. For instance, I can’t speak on the pain of losing a father, but I can speak on the pain of never having one around to begin with. That feeling of emptiness is where we connect.

So the motivation behind anything I write is the opportunity to tell a story. I grew up just knowing I was going to be a writer, but my senior year of high school I was encouraged by family to look into something that would guarantee a more promising career.  I chose marketing because I figured I could still tell a story, just in a more visual way. Unfortunately I got caught up trying to choose between the two. College is supposed to be where you find yourself, but to some extent it’s where I lost myself. There were so many things that I got involved in trying to be everything that I didn’t really achieve success at anything. Since I was a marketing major I had trouble getting editorial internships, so I got pulled further into business and kind of gave up on being a writer for a while. I would pull writing into some of my marketing assignments, but it wasn’t the same as penning an article about a dope artist or a budding entrepreneur.

Then after college I was working in advertising and realized that although I did enjoy certain aspects of it, I just wasn’t satisfied with letting go of my passion for profit. I got into freelance writing and have made it my mission to stay focused on writing while also integrating some of the marketing strategies that I’ve learned in previous jobs.

I’m still not quite where I want to be with my writing. I still go back and forth between what I want my brand to be, but I am proud of the progress I’ve made. I also have no regrets about the path that I’ve taken because I can say that I’m very business-minded, which is something I believe every creative person needs in order to take their passion to the next level.

How do you work it (what is the current situation for your business):    Right now I’m juggling a (non-writing related) full-time job and building my blog, Write On. I just started my blog a few months ago, so I’m still in the beginning stages where I’m working to define my brand. I have a lot of things I’m going to accomplish this year, so it’s really about staying focused and consistent with what I’m doing.

A little PIECE of advice (we would love a business tip/career advice but make it whatever you feel another Cool Girl needs to hear):    Make yourself a priority.  Take time to do the things that you love to do and to relax. I find that I do my best work from a place of peace and clarity. When you take care of yourself and your needs first, everything else becomes easier to accomplish.

What inspired you to start your blog?   Initially it was to get me back into writing consistently. I started so many blogs—sex and relationships, travel, social media—and after a couple of months I would get bored with them and would push them aside. I realized that I have a lot of interests and I don’t like to be boxed in to one specific topic because my life is not one-dimensional. I wanted to create something that reflected my life as someone who’s constantly evolving and who’s not ashamed of their past mistakes because they are part of what has allowed me to grow into the person that I am today. I’m not perfect and I wanted people to know that. I also wanted to encourage others to reach their greatest potential in all areas of life, so you’ll see posts on everything from to traveling to career and finance. All told from personal experience.

How long have you been passionate about writing?  I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t passionate about writing.

How would you describe your style of writing?  I’m still trying to figure out my style lol. But I would say it’s more raw and real with food for thought.

Do you have a favorite space or setting you're most comfortable writing in?   I tend to be more focused when I’m in coffee shops and libraries listening to Billie Holiday or some R&B music. I just zone out and won’t even realize that I’ve been working for hours.

What she said (give us your favorite quote):    The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? (Psalm 27:1)

Random Questions...

  • Favorite app?  VSCO Cam
  • Summer or Fall?  Fall
  • Heels or Flats?  Flats. If comfortable heels weren’t an oxymoron I’d appreciate them more lol.
  • The Perfect Closet Piece? (the one item currently in your closet you cannot live without)  My cork purse. I love it; it has so much personality and it’s unique!
  • Your Wish List? (the top three items on your wishlist: piece, brand, price, what's keeping you from getting it)  I don’t have one particular item, I just need an entire closet revamp. Shoes, tops, bags, everything! So….my wishlist is a shopping spree lol. I’ve been focusing on becoming debt-free so my closet had to take a back seat.
  • A Perfect Sunday?  A book, a beach, and unlimited time.
  • I feel inspired the most when…  I’m living life and not letting life live me.

Learn  more about Kiah on her blog Write On by Kiah