Hey guys! Thanks for reading my first ever style blog entry. I love clothes and have been known to take a selfie or two, so I must be a blogger, right? Wrong! Ambitions of blogging is just the icing on the cake when it comes to this topic. Blogging is some extensive S#!T. And that's why we're going to take a pause for all the successful bloggers out there.


Ok, let's get back to me!

If you follow me on Instagram (@Aliyahmh), you will notice I'm not shy of piecing any paragraph together or taking a picture! Nevertheless, I have to admit, being a blogger is so much more than that. I mean, there's tons of planning involved...tons!

The biggest part of blogging is staying true to who you are and being consistent. After that...it's the shot! You can take hundreds of pictures to produce 5-8 perfect ones. With the shot, comes the pose. And that's when you ask yourself, WWABD?

You'll be better off asking an owl in a tree after he eats his Tootsie Roll Pop, because there's no right answer! As for me, this is what I figured for my first day on the job as a blogger...

Life in the middle of the street: The official blogger shot.

I had the pleasure of flying out to ClosetPiece headquarters in California to shoot with one of my teammates, Melissa. She has a great camera and eye for the aesthetics. The location was a side street off Union Square in San Francisco (because for a blogger location is everything).

As for my first look, I went with something I would actually wear and skipped on the big names. I believe your style must be you, no matter the name you have on. The color palette was a simple black and white.

It was a warm fall day, so I won by complementing my destroyed white capris with my favorite cutout bootie.

Three cheers for a block-heel. I'm finding myself drawn to these or a flat because it's all about comfort for me.


Every girl absolutely needs a khaki trench in their closet. I don't have a khaki one, but I do have this black one! Its styling is a modern twist on the classic cut and it's great for throwing over almost any casual outfit.


What I'm Wearing:

Relaxed Trench - HM // Tank - Mossimo // Destroyed Denim Capris - American Eagle // Open Heel Bootie -Trouve

I hope you enjoyed!

xoxo Aliyah