You love us! You really, really love us. Since unleashing BOSSMOM NATION as a company in October 2015, you mamas have proven to be some of the best virtual sisters a BOSS MAMA could ask for! For that reason alone, we need to change a few things so we can take this brand to the next level...

We gotta give you more. Before, it was about pushing out content but we’re beyond that. You’re beyond that. BOSSMOM NATION is the Home of Trill Motherhood which loosely translates to Honest Motherhood. We want to bring you the reality behind motherhood through self-care and NATION building. We need more than just a blog and pretty social media feed to give that to you.

So what does that mean EXACTLY?

We believe that if it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a NATION to support its mother. BOSSMOM NATION wants to be a resource for every mama that chooses to make us part of her sisterhood.

We’ll be slowing down to catch up and release the things that matter to us and hopefully to you all. We started with the release of our popular/highly requested BOSSMOM tee. We are so happy it's finally back. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll receive 20% off your BOSSMOM order. Already signed up? Check your e-mail for your coupon code.

Keep It Trill
-Aliyah + Shah-