Homeschool Planning like a BOSS!

Week 1 of Homeschool was a success but I definitely need to make some adjustments. Each year my organization skills level up! This is my most planned out year yet. I get so excited about using great books and resources that I tend to be a bit ambitious with what I include in our studies. This morning I took a moment to think about the week, I thought to myself "nah mama you doin' too much"! I never want our schedule to be so packed that we feel like we're rushing through material just to finish up.
I'l be scaling back a bit for sure and looping our group lessons, this means some subjects we won't cover daily, like Science & History. Instead we will loop between the two.
Let's get into my weekly planning process...
Every Sunday I will sit independently with each of my children and recap the previous weeks studies. Then we will go over each subject and see how we should map out their independent study hour.
My older children are in 5th and 7th grade, they have 1 hour of undisturbed study time each day, then we do 2 hours of study/lesson time together. While the older two work independently, I work with my 1st grader and Preschooler, lots of hands on learning with my little guys.
We begin at 9 a.m. and are finished by 1p.m. The remainder of the day is for rest and relaxation or any extra leisure activities we come up with.
One thing about being a home educator is that the rhythm and flow may change but the intentions remain the same.