Welcome to my journal!

Hi mama,

My name is Shahidah.

Welcome to my personal journal space.

I've been craving a space to share my thoughts about the journey of mothering and educating four children at home. If you're here, you probably follow me on Instagram. I'm not super consistent when it comes to sharing about homeschool on Instagram. My page is not fully reflective of the average homeschool mama who shares all the curriculum, books, crafts and day in the life style content. To be quite honest, I'm rarely inspired to document the moment while simultaneously striving to just be present in the moment.

But, I want to do better without the pressure of doing better, you feel me?!

So, I decided to create this journal space. No pressure, just space...space for me to share my wins, challenges, and feelings as I grow through it all.

The plan is to log on at the end of the day and journal my raw feelings.

Let's see how this goes mamas.

Come back soon!