As a member of BOSSMOM Nation, you know amazing things can happen when people start sharing and connecting. We are advocates for supporting one another, learning, and growing, it's vital that we create a space making it really easy for our community members to use one another as resources.

So, we're creating a Slack community! Slack is a super cool platform for real-time chatting, and relationship-building, providing us a private space for mamas across the globe.

Our Slack community is inviting, supportive, positive, forward thinking, and Trill AF. It's a space for mamas bound by a common need to engage in the Real & Raw side of motherhood that we sometimes fail to share.

Inside the private BMN community, you can ask for advice, discover new resources, find encouragement, and share your experiences. Some activities you can get involved with in our community:

  1. Get advice from others in our weekly Community Chats

  2. Learn how other moms are navigating the not so sweet parts of motherhood

  3. Lead a discussion in one of our groups

We are not only building a community, but a catalyst for our stories to be used in a pay-it-forward kind of way, you know?! Our community is a safe space to face your fears, celebrate your highs and be lifted during your lows. We encourage you to join ONLY if you are committed to being an active member. Initially we will cap the group at 100 mamas, and open to more maembers at a later date. Our intentions are to grow with grace and really give every new member an oppotunity to be heard. In order to truly serve, we must build a solid foundation. I'm talkin small but mighty!

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we'd love to invite you to join in.