In September 2015, we established BOSSMOM NATION.

Leading with our Classic BOSSMOM t-shirt, we presented the BOSSMOM as a multi-tasking, do-it-all, take-care-of-everyone-without-fail, mother of the household. Our goal, bring mothers

together and celebrate them in all of their unsung glory.

Many women from all over the world resonate with this idea of the

BOSSMOM and connect with our vision for BOSSMOM NATION.

Over the past year our narrative has taken a slight shift.

We represent a mother that is handling her business— but also a woman that is

taking care of her needs while making time to thrive from the core. Being gentle with

herself in the process. Welcoming the highs and lows

while savoring a piece of herself, for herself.

BOSSMOM NATION as the Home of Trill Motherhood comes with a responsibility

to be the change we want to see for our community.

Making radical self-care a daily practice has been the beginning of our brand’s

restructure, we are building a lifestyle & brand aligned with our core values.

We are intentional with our narrative and encourage mothers to prioritize and take care of self, first.

As mothers, we are gifted with a natural ability and need to serve in our homes and communities.