The Home of Trill Motherhood


It all started with Aliyah & Shahidah, 2 childhood friends from Oakland, CA

BOSSMOM Nation was birthed through a desire to build a community of likeminded mamas. Focused on highlighting mothers of color. Welcoming all, but unapologetically creating for US.

Leading with our Classic BOSSMOM t-shirt, we introduced the BOSSMOM as a multi-tasking, do-it-all, take-care-of-everyone-first-mother of the household. Our goal, bring mothers together and celebrate them in all of their unsung glory.

It filled us up to see women from all over the world resonate with this idea of the BOSSMOM, while connecting with our vision for BOSSMOM NATION.



We established BOSSMOM Nation as The Home of Trill Motherhood. This was a year of evolving. Sharing more of the challenges we face in motherhood, less of the highlight reels. So many mamas felt connected to the culture, they’ve been rocking their BOSSMOM t-shirts with a sense of honor and pride.



A year of personal & business development behind the brand. With so many changes happening between us, individually we needed time. Time to reflect, slow down and revisit the way we want to serve ourselves and our community.



We entered 2018 with a shift. A shift in our mission and our message. Realizing that creating a culture around selfcare as a revolutionary act is what we want to encourage our community to practice alongside us.